Quotes Rachel is great with my rescue Pekingese Sadie. Sadie had both a private lesson and went through two sessions of training. She learned commends very well with Rachels' techniques and I can now take Sadie on walks without her barking, pulling, and lunging (she is strong for such a little thing!) I also had Rachel dog sit Sadie for a week while I was out of the country and I could relax and have fun knowing that Sadie was being well taken care of by Rachel. I would highly recommend her for any training or sitting needs and so would Sadie! Quotes
Satisfied Dog Mom

Quotes Ringo and I heard from many of our neighbors that Miss Rachel had a daycamp for dogs and were so happy with it. Although I didn't really need daycare for Ringo as i'm an in-home Nanny and he gets to come with me, I thought i'd try it anyway. Ringo loves it there!!! I decided to bring him twice a week just so he could be a dog and run and play with other dogs without being yelled at to settle down :). Rachel greets us with a smile and is still smiling at the end of what im sure is a very long day. Ten dogs that need to play and be walked and fed and napped! I have run a child care in my home for almost 20 years, she gives these dogs what I gave my kids, lots of love and attention and fun! I feel this is a such a gift for my dog. My friends think i'm crazy to send him when I don't need to, but I think its an investment in his lifelong happiness :) We start training with Rachel is a few weeks and i cant wait! Quotes
Jill Carlier
Day camp rocks!

Quotes Miss Rachel is a wonderful teacher. Her calming voice and her training techniques has only positive effects on the whole class. Oliver has learned so much and continues to be mesmerized by her. We will continue to recommend her to all dog owners we meet. Thank you Miss Rachel!!! Quotes
Jeannie and Tom
Recent Graduates

Quotes Rachael has worked with my two loving dogs since they were both puppies. I wouldn't trust anyone else with the care and training of my "furry kids". She is bright, kind and focused on doing the very best for the dog as well as helping the owner. Do you and your pet a favor...treat yourself to one of her training classes or doggie play sessions. She's not only an amazing instructor but a good person! Thanks Rachael for all you do to help owners and pets! Quotes
Dale Sells
Devoted pet owner

Quotes Miss Rachel's School for Dogs is truly the best place for you and your dog. Rachel is an expert in her field and always positive, kind and compassionate. Through her training, we have built a stronger bond and both been taught many valuable lessons! My dog and I look forward to taking more classes and strengthening our bond. This is the best treat you can do for your dog! It's a rewarding experience for both! Quotes
Tara and Echo
Satisfied Students

Quotes After adopting a 7 month old dog with no training from the Humane Society, in the 8 weeks of class my dog has learned how to behave in public, interact with people, and never have to worry about being troublesome again. Quotes
Tom S.
Recent Graduate

Quotes Sierra went from not following any commands to being very well behaved and knowing to sit, stay, lay down, settle, etc. A wonderful investment! Quotes
Dan and Jess
Recent Graduates

Quotes Stella gives it 2 paws up! Quotes
Shannon and Kevin
Satisfied Student

Quotes I adopted my dog Mico (3-yr-old Jack Russell) from a shelter when he was 1. Our first year together I trained him in some basics. 95% of the walking we do is on nature trails, and I became resigned to the fact that Mico would yank me HARD upon seeing deer, ducks, groundhogs, rabbits & squirrels. I tried training him not to, but rationalized his hunting instinct was very strong given his breed. After 3 lessons with Rachel my dog & were trail-walking and came upon a marsh mink. I pulled Mico's leash into the heel position. Within 6 paces (walking AWAY from the mink) Mico was focussed on heeling and not tugging the slightest bit on the leash. I was amazed!! Quotes
Paula C.
Impressed, happy "Mom"

Quotes My dog, Echo, is a very energetic Australian Cattle Dog mix. We have always had trouble keeping him focused, until we met Rachel. Rachel is truly the best trainer! She took the time to understand Echo and myself. For the first time in three years, I was able to keep Echo focused on me and not the squirrel running up th...e tree or the stranger walking down the street. Rachel took the time to get to know Echo and created a bond with him..something you will never see another trainer do. Echo and I can now enjoy a carefree walk outside. This picture demonstrates part of what Rachel taught Echo. He can sit, stay and watch me, even when tempted by his favorite thing.. a new toy! I guarantee that the best thing you can do for you and your dog is to take Miss Rachel's training. It will be the most rewarding experience! I know it has changed my life and Echo's! Quotes
Tara Harnish
Satisfied Student