Quotes My black lab Oreo went through 5 months of classes with Rachel starting when he was just a 12 week old puppy and they were invaluable being a first time dog owner. The first impression that I got from Rachel is that she has an incredible passion for dogs and training them. She did a great job training Oreo, but also em...powered me to understand Oreo and learn how to train him myself. Not only did she show me how to teach him the basics like sit, stay, wait, down and come, but gave me the tools to teach him to "go bedtime" and have him walk into his bed without a fuss. Training with Rachel allowed me to really enjoy Oreo and feel confident that I could control him both for his safety and the safety of others. I highly recommend you give her a try to train your dog, you won't be disappointed! Quotes
Aaron Smykowski
Satisfied Student

Quotes Thanks to Rachel's classes my 8 month old German Shepherd went from being a huge handfull to being one of the most well behaved dogs I have ever encountered, let alone owned myself. Rachel has a natural talent for training dogs and is able to connect with them using extremely effective positive reinforcement. He will o...bey commands depite his impulses and doesn't pull while walking; I've never once had to use a correction collar (despite him weighing 90lbs). I highly recommend her classes for anyone with a puppy or adult dog in need of training! Quotes
Blake Hopiavuori
Satisfied Student

Quotes Rachel is an outstanding, gifted dog trainer! What I like most about her training method is that she does not give too much or too little information. She gives just enough instruction and information for the dog owner to understand and implement. She has a gentle, patient but yet firm style which gave my dog Stuart the opportunity to understand and obey. She is our dog trainer for life! Stuart has done very well with Rachel's training and is working on his Therapy Dog Certification! Many thanks for your time and support! You have made a big difference in Stuart's life and he loves you! Quotes
L. Black
Satisfied Student